Hello world!


Words about technology.

Hello World is the default first entry in the template I am using for this site. It reminds me, many, many years ago, of when I was a wee tot and my parents took me to computer day camp every day for a week, and we learned how to write our first program, in BASIC.

10 Print "Hello World!"

Subsequent versions would introduce the GOTO command:

10 Print "Hello World!"
20 Goto 10

Eventually, we got to advanced concepts like For-Next loops:

10 For X= 1 to 10
20 Print "Hello World"
30 Next X

It’s been a while. I think that’s how they went.

In any case, all these years later, in spite of occasionally running away from technology, I have always returned. When I was younger, it was essentially “cold hard logic” versus romanticism; as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to see the romance in elegant logic, in scalable systems, in taking large, complex sets of information and organizing them in a presentable way.

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