Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Day 4

Thursday. As the week wore into progressively deeper-dive sessions, I watched some livestreams on new features in Teams, as well recaps of the new Compliance Center and Compliance Score. In my current role, we’re all very excited about the Service Trust Portal, and you can expect some more posts about that.

Microsoft continues to push Teams for collaboration. New features in Teams such as private channels, whiteboarding, and virtual backgrounds, help in the compete against other solutions, while continuing the utilization of SharePoint, OneDrive, and Exchange – meaning all the data governance and search capabilities of Office 365 are in Teams as well. Seriously, if you’re an Office 365 customer and using something else for collaboration besides Teams – get some help. There’s no reason not to use Teams for small-group collaboration.

Looking ahead, and setting aside my Office 365 hat, I expect Cortex and Arc are going to be big, long-period waves bringing change into cloud computing.The vast amounts of data produced every day, around the world, is mind-boggling. Additionally, the explosion in cloud services has resulted in service managers having multiple dashboards, multiple screens, to keep track of all the activity in their environments. Microsoft’s investments in AI and data analytics are addressing the next stage in productivity management – keeping all that content and activity manageable.

Read Tony Redmond’s coverage of announcements – look ma, no more Reply-All Storms!

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