in Preview: Activity-Based Expirations for MS Groups

Here’s a new announcement, long overdue: Microsoft has put user activity-based expiration policies in Private Preview for Groups.

That’s a mouthful, so here’s what that means.

Groups in Office 365 are a fundamental membership service that gets used by other services in Office 365 – Yammer, Exchange, Teams, and SharePoint. Microsoft’s vision for workplace collaboration is built on Groups, and so it’s easy for users to create new Groups, and required for modern workplace services.

This is a nightmare for an IT manager. Imagine being responsible for an environment with 10,000 employees, and every one of them can create a group. It won’t take long before there are hundreds of Groups in the environment, and they’ll persist even if they’re no longer needed. The problem to solve is: removing unneeded Groups without accidentally removing content that must be kept.

Now, basically Microsoft is allowing administrators to create a policy that automatically closes out Groups that have not been accessed or modified by anyone.

So, huzzah! If you’re signed up for Private Preview, try it out.

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