Perpetual Office 365 Developer Tenants

Here is some mostly good news: Microsoft developers can now get perpetual dev tenants for Office 365. Previously, dev tenants were good for one year, and then expired. According to this FAQ, as of April 2019, tenants are good for a minimum of 90 days, but will continue as long as they are in use. … Continue reading “Perpetual Office 365 Developer Tenants”

Archives =/= Backups

Working at AvePoint, I have had a lot of conversations about backups and archives. AvePoint makes solutions for both but, often as not, these conversations have a detour that runs something like this: “Senior management doesn’t see a need for a records solution, because we’re backing up every day.” Or: “For now we’re not bothering … Continue reading “Archives =/= Backups”

Membership in Teams/Groups Site Collections

I’ve written before about how an Office 365 Group or Team always includes a site collection, one that relies on the underlying Group membership for security boundaries. But, what does that look like under the hood? Here are some screenshots with commentary, from a quick dive I took with one of my co-workers. First, let’s … Continue reading “Membership in Teams/Groups Site Collections”